Born August 18, 1955


General Computer experience (OS):

Windows desktop, various versions, v2.1Vista (15 years +)
Windows NT 3.51, 4.0, Server 2000, Server 2003, (incl. betatesting beta NT 4.0.), MS Exchange
Mac System 7.0, 7.5, 8, 9, X; also Mac versions of: Pagemaker, Word, Office, Photoshop,
Pagemill, WordPerfect, QuarkXpress, MultiAd, Adobe GoLive, Premier.
Some experience on UNIX/Linux, mostly file management and ftp
DOS, various versions, v2.0 upwards

Graphics, publishing and design programs

Microsoft Word, various versions, to v2007, incl. betatesting;
Pagemaker, various versions, v1.0v6.5 (15 years +)
CorelDraw, various versions, v3.0v9.0 (9 years +)
Dreamweaver, various versionsCS3, 9 years
Fireworks, various versions , 4 years
Adobe Photoshop, various versions, v1.5CS 3 (9 years +)
Extensis Phototools, Kai's Power Tools, many other photoshop plugins


MSSQL Server 6.52005 (7+ years)
dBase II, dbase III, dbase IV, Foxpro, Microsoft Access (8 years +)
Microsoft Accessdevelopment of large databases, including community phone book databases for: Ogunquit/Wells, Kennebunks, Chelsea (MA) and Revere (MA)

Scripting Languages

Wordbasic, Visual Basic, VBA
cgi, perl, script development for web sites
Cold Fusion Enterprise Editions v 3.0CFMX 7, 8 years

Web Design

HTML, 2.0, HTML+, v.3, v.3.2, 4 Netscape/Microsoft extensions; DHTML, CSS
(Member of the HTML Writers Guild). I normally write in raw HTML code or CFML, but have used a wide variety of HTML editing, writing, and development programs including SiteMill, PageMill, GoLive, DreamWeaver, Studio, HotDog etc. I have also built my own conversion systems to produce website material directly from Microsoft Word or ascii text.
Internet Graphics programs including Photoshop, Fireworks and many others
CSS (Cascading Style sheets), javascript

VPN, cluster, security software etc

Log analyser software, multiple versions
Cluster management software
Firewall software
Intrusion detection software
VPN (Sonicwall, Smoothwall), PCAnywhere, Windows Terminal
Corporate email (Exchange)
Antivirus & spayware software, various versions incl Symantec Corporate 10.d

15 years experience running and maintaining office computer systems; 10 years network experience. Responsible for all phases of the "digital office" including decision making, purchasing, installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. NT 3.51Server 2003, and Macintosh connectivity. Wide experience in Mac and PC environments as well as DOS, Linux and others.

Other software: FTP, telnet. Familiar with many versions of different freeware/shareware ftp and telnet programs. Well versed in an extremely wide variety of DOS and Windows based programs, incl disk maintenance, utilities, antivirus, shareware/freeware programs.

BA, MA, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. History and Political Science.

Languages: French

Other Academic Qualifications:
TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), DSE (Dublin School of English)


Internet World, Sept 1995 (Joe.User column)
Popular Science, Jun 1982

Cyberspace, Southern Maine Coastal Beacon, March 1994 to 1998
CyberspaceYork County Coast StarJuly 4, 19961998
Baker Street IrregularSun Times, Maine, 1992-1993
ReviewerSun Times, Maine, 1992-1993

Currents, Sept 2008, Tucson Weeklyon building a biodiesel motorcycle

Currently writing a book "American Trash and the Green Machine". My agent is Simon Green, POM Inc., 611 Broadway, New York, NY.
Also finished "Cartel King", a novel.

Radio Spots for Ad Design and Marketing, Portland, ME 1989
Sister City Promotional Campaign, City of Portland, ME 1989
Typesetting and design for a variety of clients, 1988-1991

Assistant to Editor of the DeLorme Atlas and Gazeteer, the following editions:
Maine | Pennsylvania | New York | Tenessee 1988-1989
Entertainment Editor, Sun Times, Old Orchard Beach, ME 1991
Associate Editor, Sun Times, Old Orchard Beach, ME 1992
Editor, Sun Times, Old Orchard Beach, ME 1992-1994
Editor, Southern Maine Coastal Beacon, 1994-1998
Publisher, Southern Maine Coastal Beacon, 1994-1998


Began teaching myself HTML and web design in 1994, before the advent of the first graphical browser.

Took Southern Maine Coastal Beacon online in March, 1995; first Maine paper on the Internet.
Helped develop Internet editorial and sales tools.
Built literally dozens of websites for a wide range of businesses ranging from restaurants to museum exhibit builders to newspapers to retail outlets to ski resorts.
Designed and built site for York County Coast Star/Online, a subsidiary of the New York Times (since sold).
Designed, built and maintain site for Lighthouse Depot.
Designed, built and maintain site for The World, a Washington County, Vermont weekly paper.
Full time webmaster for Media 100, Marlboro, MA Sept 1998July 1999
Managed the web design; including setting standards for Media 100's international sites; managing outside graphic design; working with external ad agencies and applications and content developers; internally managing input from numerous departments including tech support, HR, sales and marketing, engi.neering, sofware design, and IT. Responsible for site navigation and layout; functionality; all browser testing and compatibility, using Mac and PC's for regressive browser testing.
Full time webmaster for Lighthouse Depot Inc, Wells, ME, Sept 1999present
Currently work with all departments to ensure standardized input; including the Lighthouse Digest Magazine and its online production.
Manage the web design; managing inside and outside graphic design work; working with ad agencies, artists, and outside writers and contributors. Responsible for site navigation and layout; functionality; all browser testing and compatibility, using Mac and PC's for regressive browser testing. Additionally, I perform all NT network administration and SQL database administration for the company, as well as managing corporate computer purchase, installation, management and security.

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