I first started in web design in 1994, prior to the advent of the first graphical browser. Since then I have built hundreds of websites for all manner of clients. I've built websites for award winning newspapers and for national businesses, as well as for small retail operations and single-owner businesses. My websites have ranged from a single simple page to hundreds of thousands of pages, driven by multiple databases on clustered servers.

The largest site I've built was for Lighthouse Digest Magazine and Lighthouse Depot; between them they contained over 10,000 products, 150,000 graphics and included dynamic structures including community forums, bulletin boards, user profile systems and much more.

I've also built complex ecommerce sites for other businesses and simple sites for artists and small business owners.

Here's a short list of current links:

Desert Divers
Lighthouse Digest Online
Barb's Frame of Mind
Robin Riley Mosaics

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